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How It Works


The Collaborative Foundation uses a unique approach to collaborative, called the "Facilitator Model." In this approach the Team consists of two attorneys - one for each spouse - and a collaborative coach skilled in the facilitation of dispute resolution and team management. The Facilitator might be viewed as a case manager - someone that works with you and your attorneys to manage the process and see it to an acceptable resolution. If needed, your team may also involve the services of a child specialist and a financial neutral. That will be a decision you make together as a team.

The first step is an introductory meeting with the Facilitator to make certain everyone understands the collaborative process, review the requirements you must adhere to as the process begins and determine if collaborative is right for you. The Facilitator will work with you to arrange meetings with the attorneys and other team members and will be an important resource throughout the process.

Failure to comply with the basic requirements of the process, refusing to supply required information and documents and failure to attend scheduled meetings may result in the Facilitator recommending to the Team and to the Foundation that your case be dropped.


Your attorney represents you throughout the process, serves as a “Settlement Specialist” and draft documents and provides legal advice, while supporting and advocating for realistic settlements


A mental health practitioner, trained in working with adults and families, the Coach provides expertise in conflict resolution & emotion management. If your case warrants a coach, he or she serves as your personal coach/ resource for you through the process.


If children are involved and your case warrants, the Child Specialist meets with children and acts as their advocate and voice. It is designed to increase your awareness of impact of divorce on your children, so your team can create a parenting plan that makes sense for everyone.


The neutral financial advisor facilitates compilation of needed financial documents and helps you understand the financial impact of decisions reached in the process.

This video clip, provided through the courtesy of the Collaborative Family Law Council of Wisconsin, features a Collaborative attorney discussing the differences between the traditional litigated divorce and the Collaborative process.

The public website for Collaborative Law in Wisconsin has information on how the process works. You can "Take the Tour" at www.collabdivorce.com. You can also view a series of videos about Collaborative on the CFLCW You Tube Channel.