The Foundation provides free collaborative divorce services to qualified families through a program called The Collaborative Project. The Foundation does not provide litigation support; i.e. cases contested in court. Both spouses/partners to the relationship must apply and participate together.

The attorneys, child specialists, divorce coaches and financial neutrals that make up the Collaborative Team are all volunteers; they provide their time and expertise to the Foundation – and to you – at no cost if you quality.

Participation in the program requires a complete financial disclosure, a written agreement of all parties to follow the rules of the collaborative process, and an agreement not to go to court. The income levels listed below  are a guideline and are not the sole determining factor for acceptance into the program. These levels were adjusted upward by the Foundation effective April 2, 2018. Therefore you may qualify when you did not under the former limitations.

If your family’s total annual income does not exceed the amount listed below, based on the number of people in your family, services may be provided at no cost to you provided you comply with all the rules of the program and adhere to the process outlined by the service team:

Family Size         Maximum Income*

Two people              $ 41,150
Three people           $ 51,950
Four people             $ 62,750
Five people              $ 73,550
Six people                $ 84,350

*new thresholds effective April 2, 2018

If you have more than 6 people in your family the income level is adjusted accordingly. A detailed financial statement is required and services may be contingent upon the availability of volunteers.

(If your income is greater than the threshold, you may still be able to obtain services at no cost or in the subsidized program; the latter requires a sliding scale of payments from you, again driven by your income. Contact the Foundation for more information.)