CFW Movie Night



Movie Night “Box Office” is Closed 

Please stop back again to see upcoming events!

Join your colleagues and friends for CFW “Movie Night”!

Anyone can attend and take advantage of a reduced ticket price which also includes a tax deductible donation per ticket to the Collaborative Foundation of Wisconsin.

ADVANCE Ticket Options are as follows: (each of these purchases includes a tax deductible donation: (You may pay online with your credit card beginning January 30 – your tickets and concession vouchers/concession card will be held for you and available at the theater.)
Ticket alone $10
Ticket w/ popcorn & 14 oz soda –  $15
Ticket w/ popcorn and 20 oz soda – $17
Concession Card (gift card) worth $15 for Movie Night OR any future visit to any Marcus Theatre – $10*

*Concession gift card face value is $15 and cannot be used to purchase a ticket for this Movie Night. Only one card per ticket.