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Next Steps

The Foundation has received your application. You have been directed to this page for follow-up.

Every divorce action in Wisconsin required the filing of a variety of documents with the Court. Your Foundation team will need financial information from you and your partner in order to handle your case.

The first step is to download this document, which will be part of what the Court receives as it considers your case. A complete disclosure is essential to the process. The Collaborative Process requires complete transparency  from both you and your partner. Your financial situation in part determines whether you qualify for the pro bono process or the subsidized program. Note: this document is required by the Court regardless of whether you pursue your case through the Foundation or by some other means. Complete as much as possible and it will be updated with your team.

Please enter the appropriate information beginning with Section 2 – General Information. Once you have downloaded the form please contact the Foundation at this email – apply@collabwis.org – and let the agent know you have obtained the document. You will receive further instructions from this point forward via a secure email.

The second step is for you to review this very brief summary of the steps in the process. The steps you and your team will take are very similar whether you receive services at no cost to you or in the subsidized approach. The Foundation uses a “facilitator” model for its divorce and other dispute resolution processes. This means a professional will meet with you and your partner, individually and together if possible, to discuss the process and your responsibilities throughout the process. After that orientation you will each be assigned an attorney to begin the case. You may learn more about the process and team members by visiting www.collabdivorce.com

Here are several key things to keep in mind about this program:

*The Foundation does not directly provide legal services. The Foundation provides approved applicants with a referral to an attorney for their case, and you will execute a limited scope representation agreement with your attorney. These professionals are all volunteers dedicated to the respectful resolution of any issues in your case. If at any time you fail to make a good faith effort to complete the process, the team members may ask the Foundation to discontinue your case.

*Prior to approval for either the free or the subsidized program, the applicant must complete and execute the Financial Disclosure Statement (Wisconsin State Bar form FA-4139V) with all lines filled out completely and supply all supporting documents.

*Both programs take into account the combined family income, adjusted for family size, along with other factors such as assets and investments. If you are participating in the subsidized program, the Foundation generates a subsidy level used to compensate the attorneys and other team members in the case. The subsidy, when subtracted from the total estimate cost of the case, results in the applicant portion. The applicant portion may be paid in full at the start of the case or in per meeting installments.

*Once an attorney has been assigned to you, regardless of whether for the free services or the subsidized program, you will have three business days to contact your assigned attorney. Failure to do so may result in the Foundation cancelling the application.

*In the no cost program, the goal is to complete the process within 150 days from the filing of the petition for divorce or legal separation. All cases accepted to the subsidized program will be completed no later than 150 days from the date of filing the petition for divorce or legal separation. Any case accepted to the subsidized program that exceeds the 150-day completion date will no longer be subject to subsidy from the Collaborative Foundation of Wisconsin.

If you have any questions about the program or the process or need guidance as to next steps, please contact the Foundation via email at apply@collabwis.org. All inquires are confidential. The Foundation does not provide legal advice.