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2nd Saturday Wisconsin

Learn about divorce options in Wisconsin through 2nd Saturday Wisconsin -an informational program about collaborative divorce and other family law issues.

2nd Saturday Wisconsin is an live, online, informational program about divorce options in Wisconsin, collaborative divorce and other family law issues. It is sponsored by the Collaborative Foundation of Wisconsin, a non-profit charity established to provide collaborative services to Wisconsin families facing financial challenges.

This webinar is free and open to anyone – please see the online registration link on the home page here. All information is confidential – While your name is needed and an email address is required so that you may receive access/login information, we do not retain your personal information. For optimal webinar viewing we strongly suggest you use the Google Chrome browser. Internet explorer does not work with our webinar program.

2nd Saturday Wisconsin is not affiliated with the commercial organization “Wife.Org” or its Second Saturday program. The Collaborative Foundation of Wisconsin is a not for profit tax exempt charitable organization registered in the State of Wisconsin. We do not ask for or collect any personal information or require attendees at our informational session to pay for participating. We do not sell any materials, books, videos, or other items nor promote them to attendees. Our sessions are free and  open to the public.