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Supporting the Collaborative Law Process in Wisconsin

Collaborative services for Wisconsin families of limited financial resources


The Collaborative Foundation is a not for profit organization created by professionals dedicated to the Collaborative Process, an alternative dispute resolution approach. Collaborative law uses a team of experts to help a family though the divorce process. It is client centered, client driven, and is designed to deal with everyone's interests in a respectful manner.



The Foundation provides free collaborative divorce services to qualified families through a program called The Collaborative Project. Depending upon your family's income, you may qualify. New financial standards were enacted effective April 2, 2019. Please see the Services Page for details.                                                                                                                                         



The Foundation relies upon volunteers – attorneys, divorce coaches, child specialists, and financial neutrals – to deliver services to the its clients. Practitioners must be trained in the Collaborative Process. The training must meet the minimum basic training as defined by the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals ( IACP).



Collaborative Divorce vs. Traditional Approach

This video clip, provided through the courtesy of the Collaborative Family Law Council of Wisconsin, features a Collaborative attorney discussing the differences between the traditional litigated divorce and the Collaborative process.

You can view a series of videos about Collaborative on the CFLCW You Tube Channel